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Mate to Arturo & Hemlock
Basic Info
Full Name: Lotte Ansbjørn Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2.4 (April 4, 2015 — September 7, 2017)
Birthplace: Enok Tundra
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Profile of Lotte: Details
Though she was the smallest of Aksel and Dorthe’s children, Lotte was by no means a small wolf. She was a tall, long-legged, athletic female with a mesomorphic build and plush, insulated fur that gave her a perpetually buxom appearance. Lotte’s bearing and mien were rollicking and hoydenish; she faced battle, travel, leisure, and business with the same unflappable enthusiasm and was just as likely to burst into combat as she was into song. Her fur was predominantly smoke in coloration, her pallid undercoat and black-tipped guard hairs lending her a blue-gray hue, with a mantle of pale ash circling her throat and dipping down into her voluminous décolletage like a female rabbit’s dewlap. Calling to mind a black smoke or colorpoint cat, her legs, ears, tail, and face were pure black. Her eyes were a stunning moonbright silver. Lotte was characterized by small, rounded ears and broad, surefooted paws, as well as a matte quality to her pelage that seemed to swallow the light.
Lotte was an earthy, vivacious rapscallion with a boisterous love for life, a bold and occasionally errant tongue, and a temper as quick as her wit. Strong of conviction as well as constitution, she was capable of great empathy, confidence, and diplomacy; but at her worst, she could be impatient, domineering, and brash. She had an affinity for mothering that was manifest in her interactions with her siblings long before she had children of her own. Lotte’s passion for singing and storytelling enhanced her view of the world around her but did not obscure it; she was very present and not given to daydreaming. She found great pleasure in physical endeavors such as wayfaring and exploring and could often be found pitting herself against the elements as she constantly set her sights higher and further, challenging her own boundaries and limits with fervor.

Lotte’s penchant for playing various roles in the name of ferreting out information for her superiors earned her the titles of Hämähäkki” and Muodonmuuttaja — however, these accolades concealed a very real danger for the soot-stockinged rogue. After playing a role for a prolonged period of time or immersing herself particularly deeply into a character’s psyche, she sometimes found it difficult to remember how to truly be herself. During these lapses, she turned heavily to Dagfinn to center and ground her. Without his aid, she had a tendency to fall into a state of unpredictable moodiness and would be flippant, irritable, petulant, lackadaisical, or despondent by turns.

Lotte was particularly aggressive toward other females, with the exception of her wife, Hemlock.
Lotte arrived in the Teekons in the summer of 2016, just a few months after her first birthday. She followed Lærke’s trail and was followed in turn by Dagfinn. Over time, a curious chemistry arose between the smoke-and-shadow bard and a certain black-masked Ceannasach named Arturo Fearghal — and eventually, the two were married. Arturo’s adopted daughter Chusi had already been a “little sister” figure to the soturi, but pikkusisko became tytär when Lotte officially adopted Chusi. Lotte and Arturo’s family grew when they welcomed four children into the world — Mallaidh, Roarke, Eirlys, and Ceallach. When trusted friend and confidant Hemlock expressed a desire to have children of her own, Lotte and Arturo entered into a three-way mateship with her — and she became “mama” to Mallaidh, Roarke, Eirlys, and Ceallach. During her next heat, Hemlock mated with Arturo and became pregnant with Droman and Reed, but sadly Lotte succumbed to misadventure on September 7, 2017 and never lived to see her wife’s first litter.
Pack History
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PARENTS: Aksel and Dorthe
BROTHERS: Bård, Dagfinn, Lærke
MATES: Arturo, Hemlock
DAUGHTERS: Chusi, Mallaidh Furiosa, Eirlys Dagny
SONS: Roarke Altaïr, Ceallach Mathan
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        Comhlach · Leifteanant · Banríon
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