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Basic Info
Full Name: Sif Vánagandr Previously: Moorhen Cairn
Subspecies: Husdon Bay / Great Plains / Mexican wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (12/10/2016)
Birthplace: The Sentinels
At A Glance
Dark brown. Prickly.
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Profile of Moorhen: Details
A lean but sturdy figure. Base coat ranging from dark charcoal to dusty brown, with cream markings on her face and sides. Sif is medium-sized, but with a robust bone structure that speaks of stunted growth rather than daintiness. With a few good meals, she could grow quite a bit more.

Her eyes are a disturbing burgundy, usually set into a hundred yard stare.

Human Reference: Sofia Boutella
Sif is a prickly, suspicious creature, not used to interaction with other living things. Although she enjoys the company of trusted wolves, her first reaction to stranger is usually posturing and threats of violence. If poked hard or often enough, she'll follow up on those threats.

Lately, she has been learning to choose her battles more wisely.
Born to a nameless mother and an busy father, Sif was cared for as a child by her aunt and a nursemaid - the latter became her strongest bond during the short time they were together. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father disappeared soon after, leading to the disbanding of her natal pack. For a time, her aunt continued to care for her, but was increasingly violent toward her young niece, favoring her own children over her.

Eventually, her aunt left as well. Sif stayed for a time with a member of her disbanded natal pack and her two cousins, but during an impromptu walk along the coast, she became separated from her family.

Sif survived by scavenging along the coast and - eventually - hunting smaller prey animals, nearly dying of starvation several times throughout her young life. She did, on occasion, find companionship in another lone wolf, but this rarely lasted long until she met an older male who took her under his wing. When he found out she did not know her own name, he gave her a new one. Sif traveled with him until he died, learning all that she could and serving him to the best of her abilities. On his dying day, he asked her to take on his surname.

A few months later, Sif found herself back in the Teekon Wilds.
Husband: Wardruna

Sister-Wives: Addie, Poet

Sire: Skellige Cairn
Dam: Mannoah

Littermates: Redshank, Smokestep, Sandpiper

Assorted: Szymon, Doe, Isengrim, Julep, Coelacanth "The Shadow", Muses
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