Profile of Moor: Quick Facts
Played By: mixedhearts
Basic Info
Full Name: Moorhen Cairn-Corten
Subspecies: Husdon Bay / Great Plains / Mexican wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (12/10/2016)
Birthplace: The Sentinels
At a Glance
Dark brown. Prickly.
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Profile of Moor: Details
A lean but sturdy figure. Base coat ranging from dark charcoal to dusty brown, with cream markings on her face and sides. Moorhen is on the larger size of the medium scale, well-muscled and trim. Her eyes are a disturbing burgundy, usually set into a hundred yard stare.
Moorhen is a prickly, suspicious creature, not used to interaction with other living things. Although she sometimes enjoys the company of trusted wolves, her first reaction to strangers is to clam up and act defensively.
Born to a nameless mother and an busy father, Moorhen was cared for as a child by her aunt and a nursemaid - the latter became her strongest bond during the short time they were together. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father disappeared soon after, leading to the disbanding of her natal pack. For a time, her aunt continued to care for her, but was increasingly violent toward her young niece, favoring her own children over her.

Eventually, her aunt left as well. Moorhen stayed for a time with a member of her disbanded natal pack and her two cousins, but during an impromptu walk along the coast, she became separated from her family.

Moorhen survived by scavenging along the coast and - eventually - hunting smaller prey animals, nearly dying of starvation several times throughout her young life. She did, on occasion, find companionship in another lone wolf, but this rarely lasted long until she met an older male who took her under his wing. When he found out she did not know her own name, he gave her a new one. Moorhen traveled with him until he died, learning all that she could and serving him to the best of her abilities. On his dying day, he asked her to take on his surname.

A few months later, Moorhen found herself back in the Teekon Wilds. She spent some time going by Sif, the name given to her by the aging male, but returned to using Moorhen after a chance meeting with her long-lost brother. After spending some time in a harem attending to the wives there, she was reunited with her nursemaid, Coelacanth.

Moorhen went to live with Coelacanth on her island, Undersea, along with the rest of her pack. She remained happily there for a year, climbing the ranks until she reached that of Akhlut, Protector. But soon after, family business took the Cortens back to Vargas Island. Moorhen and Coelacanth parted ways, both certain that their paths would one day cross again.
alive deceased unknown
Mate: N/A

Sire: Skellige Cairn
Dam: Mannoah

Littermates: Redshank, Smokestep, Sandpiper
Half-Siblings: Ford, Lilia, Velen, Rannveig, Morrigan
Knaven, Lionel, Bijou, Yngvar, Beauclair
Benoit, EsmΓ©e, Stella, Suzanne

Nieces & Nephews: Ashlar, Amora, Fletcher

Assorted: Coelacanth "The Shadow", Szymon, Doe, Isengrim, Julep
Pack History

Moorhen was born into this pack, but it disbanded soon after her birth. She does not remember much of what happened here, except that the den mother was mean to her and they had to move dens.

After wandering for a short while, she ran into an aging male who offered her a home with him. Although he was not part of any pack, he did live near several others. Moorhen did not get to know them very well, but she learned both the language of her rescuer and of the other wolves that lived there, to some extent.

After the death of her rescuer, Moorhen returned to the wilds and pledged herself to another male. She began recruiting other females for him, but eventually they joined Bearclaw Valley, where another wolf was alpha. Moorhen liked most of her packmates, but found herself dissatisfied with living so far inland, and under her husband's thumb.

Moorhen left Bearclaw Valley when she ran into a wolf from her birth pack. The wolf had since formed Undersea, and Moorhen was happy to return to the island with her, where she slowly acclimated to sea life once more.

When Undersea disbanded in March of 2019, Moorhen followed Coelacanth and her family to a place she dubbed Seal Rock in her mind. She acted as guard, babysitter, and beta to the pair and any strays they picked up along the way, making frequent trips back to the wilds just to keep an eye on things. She enjoyed this time with the family very much, eventually taking the name Corten in honor of them.

In Autumn of 2020, Moorhen was encouraged to take a break from her responsibilities and enjoy some freedom β€” and to, perhaps, seek a mate and children of her own. She returned to the Sequoia Coast and met Umbra and Wintersbane, and joined them with the intention of founding Wintersbane's pack, Ironclan.
Profile of Moor: Additional Information
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