Profile of Meteora: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Meteora
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (July 18, 2013)
Birthplace: Themiscrya Coast
At A Glance
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Profile of Meteora: Details
Silver agouti with darker gray and black striping, particularly around her eyes and shoulders. Salt often crusts her fur, making her appear lighter than she truly is. Meteora is athletic, used to swimming against ocean currents and traversing harsh coastal terrain. She is scarred from both battle and fierce hunts. Bright and intelligent sea-green eyes.
Stoic and unforgiving. She is patient and warm towards females, but Meteora barely tolerates males and punishes them harshly for anything she views as a mistake or misstep. Although the Nereides are generally spiritual and religious, she is far more focused on the rigid and brutal day-to-day culture. Meteora tolerates (or ignores) outsiders, but will fiercely defend her territory if borders are breached.

She is secretive about the inner-workings of her culture, and rarely speaks of her past.
Meteora grew up on Themiscrya Coast and eventually made her way to the Wilds as the Protomedeia's third attempt to establish a successful branch in the area. After failing, she was exiled from the Nereides, and this is a gaping wound in her pride and self-worth.

She returns to the Wilds, lost in both body and mind, searching for new meaning in her life -- or perhaps for a way to redeem herself in the Protomedeia's eyes.
Profile of Meteora: Additional Information
Meteora is a non-consent character and members of her pack can inflict non-fatal injury without my prior permission. This is also extended to non-pack members, but by doing so, you agree to allow the same for your own character for the duration of our thread.

Warning: Meteora isn't always a pleasant character, and in particular is very cruel to and intolerant of males. She believes strictly in binary genders. Her opinions are not a reflection of my own. If any of this will upset you, please avoid threads with her.

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