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Full Name: Sophy Chaseri Derian
Subspecies: Great Plains x Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: (January 25th 2015)
Birthplace: Derian Place
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Sophy is small, around the same size as Phiipa. She's petite as well, and like both of her sisters she has a certain grace about her. Though out of the three she's probably the least graceful, she can be clumsy at times. Similar markings to both of her sisters, but more on a silver grayscale. Her eyes are a light golden yellow color, like honey.
Sophy's sort of like the baby sister. She looks up to Phiipa and Vinnira, and loves them dearly. She's a tender heart, and a joyful spirit. She can be rather timid in the face of others that are unknown to her, and sees her sisters as guardians as well as role models.
Sisters: Vinnira, Phiipa
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