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Loki Kyber
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Basic Info
Full Name: Loki "Two-Face" Kyber
Subspecies: Timber/Eurasian
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year ( March 20th, 2016)
Birthplace: It was up North, with..Or was it East? Within a den by swamps? But...I remember snow..was it snow? Or was it fire? It was definitely in a snowing den by swamps in the North Eastern side of a swamp field that was on fire. Right?
At A Glance
Most peculiar, look and see,
A wolf of black, gold, and green.
A youth he is,
Handsome and sweet,
Fit as a fiddle,
But half full of deceit.
He's such a charm,
Look, he winked.
Half of gleam, half of ink.
Traitorous treat.
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Profile of Loki Kyber: Details
Loki is forged from a fitted coat of two tapestries. His chimerism is giving this trickster a coat of dual tones, golds and blacks layered across his slim body. His most striking feature is his half and half shaded face, one swearing to be the face of another, more honest and jovial wolf, while the other side the epitome of debauchery and gilded words. Vibrant eyes of lime green stare at you. Treachery? Or Trustworthy?

This boy was a wild card from the start. Rare as it is, he was born with chimerism, a extremely rare happening where one embryo fuses with another after fertilization, leaving the two strands of DNA to be side by side on some aspects of genetics, and intermingled in others. A clear aspect of this is his unusual coat pattern, which freaked out his parents, and his mental issues, trapped between a never-ending limbo between Loki, and Kyber, two polar opposite personalities.
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Loki is a strange guy, having a chance of being what his infused brother never got the chance to be- sweet, kind, positive, optimistic, and empathetic. He also has the chance of being what he was born as- conniving, coy, flirtatious, deceitful, and just plain devilish. He has wit, being able to keep up with humor no matter what side of the coin he's flipped on.
But watch out- he's not always watching your back when you need him to.
"I'm not a bad guy, honest. That's what they want you to think. I was born, just like everybody else. Sure there may have been some test tube babies somewhere in my family, but hey, I'm normal okay? Right? Right. "

"I had a mom, didn't know my dad. Was never around, that sorry shit."

"I had a sister, she was as sweet as morning dew."

"Look, my dad...he was...he was always there for me. We were as tight as a son and father should have been."

"I've seen myself without a mirror before...I hadn't waved...but he did."

"Siblings?...What siblings?"

"Don't let mom hear you in her sleep. She may have been sleep for a long time, but she still hears, okay? She told me she hears the things I say."

"I can't find my family, but they found me just fine. What a cyanide surprise, you are, though."

"I've always been a good kid! I loved my family more than myself. Family is life, ya know?"

"Fall for me, and I will catch you."

"My sister was a whore. All of them...all of them..."

"I remember when dad took me fishing. It was nice. "

"My mom...I never got to know her...she died having me."

"My problems really could have been fixed. I wish I never jumped."

"Man, pissed me off my daughter keeps playing with her brother. I swear I buried him deep enough, last time."

"Women are delicate, petals, stems, buds...I appreciate every single one that grace the earth."

"I wasn't alone. He was there, too. You just couldn't see him."

"I'm fine, alright? What? You don't believe me? Even after all this time, I've been nothing but nice to you? Courteous. Sweet. I was nothing but kind...I was. I used to be...
But you've gone and messed up, friend."

TiCk, tIcK, TOck, the tiMe bOmb CLoCk,
TicKZ griNinG EaR to eAR here, baby.

There's nothing left..
Nothing but a villain left PaCInG in my MiND.

Now get off my page.

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