Profile of Étoille: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Étoille
Subspecies: Yukon x Alaskan Tundra wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (04/27/14)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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Étoille is currently away. Reason: grad school - here but scarce. message me on discord if you need sth
Away Since: October 17, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Étoille: Details
The titan is large and solidly built. His fur is mostly creamy-white, offset by a blonde-brown mask upon his face. This pattern is broken by a large scar across his eye; another thick scar marks his shoulder. His eyes are a near-black grey green. Étoille carries himself with an assuredness borne of understand his physical form and how it relates to the world around him - he is beautiful and statuesque, confidently poised.

face claim: christopher jackson
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taurus / isfj

An oak tree in the shape of a wolf.

Pack History
choupinou: furi

les petits with wildfire*: silkie, tux, rorqual, kiwi

*étoille was the donor for this litter but does not consider them "his" children beyond biologically.
DRAGEDAkru, ↑ rauna, ↑ steltrona

[Image: outrider.gif] -- 10.7.17
* rogue speciality -- 02.07.18
Profile of Étoille: Additional Information
Pronounced e-twal
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hi, i'm e! i use they/them pronouns.

note: i write in third person limited + often evoke unreliable narration as a writing tool. what my character thinks/purports to know may not match reality exactly. if you're ever confused or unsure about a post ive made feel free to ask!