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Full Name: Tovarisch "Stockholm" Volkodav
Subspecies: Wolfdog (50% Armenian Gampr x 50% Canis lupus cubanensis)
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 19, 2014)
Birthplace: Armavir Province, Armenia
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[Image: nURbOX4.jpg]Stockholm is a large wolfdog, resembling the Gampr more in appearance than the wolf. His build sacrifices speed and precision for endurance and pure brute strength. He is the result of an intentional mating between an Armenian Gampr and a wolf to preserve genetic diversity and desired traits within his breed. His ears were cropped, as is tradition, when he was a puppy and they are barely visible against his skull save for the tattered edge lined with slightly longer fur. Having spent years guarding livestock against predators such as wolves, bears, and humans he bears the scars of an animal experienced at surviving in harsh conditions. He still wears a vreccale ("wolf collar") around his neck, the last remaining visible momento from his time amongst humans. The vreccale is a spiked metal collar that protects the neck and throat from the bite of an attacker.
[Image: WvWC7SA.jpg]And don't worry 'bout me,
I'll be alright
Just care for your children, sleep tight
I'll keep you safe
On my watch tonight

At his core, Stockholm is a guardian. A proud, confident soldier who wouldn't hesitate to lay down his life for those he cares for or a cause he believes in.
Stockholm was born and spent his first year of life in rural Armenia working as a livestock and property guardian. He was purchased by an American biologist and imported into the USA shortly thereafter and was the man's traveling companion and protector. His owner was conducting a study on fish habitat near the Teekon Wilds when their boat capsized in a storm, and in the aftermath Stockholm washed up on the shore of Wheeling Gule Isle where he met Coelacanth, and the two became inseparable.

For a short period of time he served as part of the Council that led the island’s newly formed pack, but in late November of that year the group disbanded and Stockholm and Coelacanth left the island to spend the winter months on the mainland. At the end of January the pair reunited with several of the other original members of Undersea during the Hunter’s Moon celebration and made the decision to reclaim the island.

On February 15th the Gampr and the Sheepdog became mates, and in June they welcomed their first litter of pups into the world.
Pack History
Alpha | August 06, 2017 — November 23, 2017

November 23, 2017 — March 23, 2018

Overseer | March 24, 2018 — PRESENT
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