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Basic Info
Full Name: Lucita Sforza
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf (not pure-blooded)
Sex: Female
Age: 1.9 Years (09 07 2015)
Birthplace: North of north
At A Glance
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Profile of Lucita: Details
She's an exquisite beauty, a diamond in the rough; but unfortunately many curious looks tend to fall on her scarred flesh rather than her pretty face; half-blinded in a fight with a cougar. Her tail is a peculiar red-brown, as if dipped in flame. Her remaining eye is the color of wildfire--gold with amber flecks.

A lithe frame like a dancer, built with toned shoulders and legs, which make Lucita skilled in the art of forward momentum. Standing at 29 inches, and weighing in at 100 pounds, she is not the most impressive size; though one should never judge her on appearance alone.

[Image: 5ma8a1.png]

lineart by Kujo (

Lucita is a quiet tempest; patient, contemplative, insidious. There is something mysterious about her composure, something that piques interest and respect. Rational and guarded, she has a stiff exterior, though it is those who delve deeper who are truly rewarded with the gentleness of her heart. She does not give any part of herself away easily. She is prideful and independent, reluctant to rely on any one individual for safety or support. She is a firebrand, dutiful but not obedient, forgiving but not docile.

Human Model: Ellen Ripley (Alien franchise)
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