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Full Name: Reed
Subspecies: red wolf x coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (09/16/2017)
Birthplace: hideaway strath, teekon wilds
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sleek and lean, foxlike features. like her mother, reed is mostly reds, layered shades of burnt orange shaped by soft waves of sandy creams. her eyes are the color of sea glass, a shade that never can quite settle between blue and green.
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born on the island home to undersea, raised in sandy coves and lush greenery. grew sheltered and spoilt, made friends with strange outsiders until they left. she, too, left eventually, and spent time outside of the teekons, studying medicine under a witch she befriended. eventually they parted, and she returned.
hemlock x arturo fearghal witchdoctor
littermate: droman
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hi i'm remus. i'm a full time phd student & cartoonist; my free time is limited so i tend to be a slow replier. if you think ive forgotten a thread or just want to check in, feel free to shoot me a pm!