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Basic Info
Full Name: Alden 'Flint' Sahan
Subspecies: Wolf Hybrid (50% Timber x 50% Alsatian)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (09/03/2016)
Birthplace: Unknown
At A Glance
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Profile of Flint: Details

Alden has somewhat inherited his mother's Alsatian markings, his back being adorned by a large black saddle and his tail, neck, head and snout are decorated entirely in the same ebony hue. Like a mask, dark rings can be seen around the male's bright blue eyes - the center of these black rings is fur painted a smokey grayish white; a similar tone, but much brighter colors the hybrid's cheeks, lower jaw, chest, underbelly and paws. His front paws – the same stark white shade travels further up, reaching just below his elbows, whereas his back paws – the color ends merely to his toes. The rest of Alden's pelt is washed in a mixture of deep, autumn reds and dirty, earth like browns and two spots of this same color sit above each of his 'brows' - located just above the smokey gray circles that are ringed with black around each of his eyes.

Though he may look similar in some appearance to his domesticated ancestors, a few splashes of gray fur can also be noticed within his pelt - coming from his wolfish heritage. With that, Alden has luckily taken on his father's large wolfish physique - a quality he takes much pride in, especially being aware that he is only half wolf. A few scars dot his muzzle, but hardly any can be visibly seen due to the brute's thick pelt, though an aspect that does stick out about him is that Alden has half an ear missing, his right ear having been bitten off by one of his siblings during a disagreement of sorts.
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FriendlyAdventurousInquisitiveBoldRespectful (most days)
Energetic Sensible (sometimes)StubbornProtectiveLoyal

Alden is a bit of an adventurist and sometimes finds it hard to stay still - as well as out of trouble. With this deep yearning for exploration bubbling inside him, the young hybrid sometimes can't help but push the boundaries, most of which usually end in hazardous situations, anything from heated confrontations with others to risky falls from scaling things he shouldn't. Though he can be careless – Alden does have days where he thinks before he acts, but with his fast-paced way of life, this can be a rarity at times. He is a manic wolf, with a heart of gold. A gentle giant and a bit of a goof-ball.

Friendly and well-mannered to most of those he meets, Alden can have a bit of a fiery temper – allowing his arrogant and less attractive characteristics shine through for any unfortunate soul that is present at the time or even possibly at fault. He is a loud and almost untameable individual and completely bullheaded to the core.

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Pack History
Parents: Renzo Sahan ♂ Shae ♀
Siblings: Tariq ♂ Eli ♂
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