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Basic Info
Full Name: Awinita Kineks
Subspecies: 25% Arctic wolf 75% Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 (8/15/2016)
Birthplace: Haloke Springs
At A Glance
Fur the color of untouched snow and eyes the color of a red rose.
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Profile of Awinita: Details
A long legged, lithe bodied ghost of a female with dainty features and Rose red eyes. Her fur is thick and soft with no other coloring except for the palest shade of snow white. Having a stable living area with good prey, she's thickened up some and turned into quite the curvy girl in all the right places.

She has scars around her scruff.
Having joined Ironsea and found that she enjoys it and has friends there, she's relaxed some. She still occasionally worries or fears what's our there but she no longer lives in constant terror.

She has brightened up considerably and gone back to the same, youthful and cheery girl she was. Now however she is flirtatious and teasing, finding confidence in her womanhood and charm. She seems to enjoy being somewhat promiscuous with the men.
IG bio only

Enters the teekon and finds her way to Undersea. She meets two males and almost joins before deciding she has unsatisfied wanderlust.

Moves on to the Kintla Flatlands and chases a rabbit into Blackfeather Woods territory. She gets chased out and had a few scars to show for it.

Meets Titmouse (Screech) and is lead ton Redhawk Caldera where she meets Raven and almost decided to join but once again wanders away.

Wanders as winter starts

Decides to find the Caldera again and try to join, is found at the borders by Screech who seems terrified of her which scared and hurt her. Elwood tells her they're at war and says she should go.

She leaves and wanders around, ending up having a large piece of tree fall on her and pin her. A male finds her and beats and rapes her. He leaves her in shock, bloody and beaten and scared.

She wanders again her mind blocking what happened completely. She doesn't remember what happened yet.

She begins to have nightmares if the rape and realizes what happened.

She joins Ironsea and begins to heal-Current
Pack History
Enters Teekon: 9/26/2017

Lone wolf

Ironsea: February 2017 - present

Rank: Swab
Profile of Awinita: Additional Information

Rape will be a discussion for this character. If you're sensitive about let me know beforehand.
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