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Full Name: Pebble
Subspecies: C. l. pambasileus
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (May 13, 2016)
Birthplace: Elsewhere, unknown
At A Glance
A leggy cream wolf that looks like she hasn't properly groomed herself in a week. The back of her head and neck are streaked with dirt and dried blood.
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A leggy and slim, she's a wolf made of 90% finely groomed fluff that varies in hue from a pale cream to a medium brown sugar that was sprinkled sparingly across her back. Her eyes are a dark shade of green somewhere between the Pacific and a pine.

Though of an overall large build, she looks more like a runner than a warrior, even though she's currently battered up fairly well from whatever misfortune had befallen her. Her fur is still bedraggled and in places stained with blood that hasn't been entirely washed away yet, mostly around her head and neck.
Pebble seems relatively friendly and upbeat the majority of the time, even if she does fill in the less important gaps in her memory with lies. She's not against speaking sharply to those who she deems deserve it, but avoids physical confrontation whenever possible -- she'd quite happily flee a fight she went and started.
Mostly a blank. She got cracked over the head by something, but the details are still rather fuzzy, though she is very certain that she's supposed to be looking for a new home -- in that aspect, her past is also relatively unimportant.
Pack History
Lone Wolf (??? - present)
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