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Full Name: Xephyr
Subspecies: Tundra Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (4/13/2014)
Birthplace: Regaelia - A snow covered territory outside of this game world.
At A Glance
Vivid, ice blue eyes. // Tall and Lithe. // White Tipped Ears. // 2.8ft.
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A large brute measuring in at 2.8ft.

Xephyr is a tall, yet lithe wolf. Lean muscle lines his body beneath a coat of light silver. Black seems to dust his back and the fronts of his legs, while a darker gray fades beneath that, blending effortlessly to a stark white on his stomach. He has large, ivory tipped ears that almost seem to big for his head in comparison. His eyes are the shade of a glacier- an icy blue, almost white. Some have called them colorless.

His fur is plush and thick, providing excellent protection against harsh winters, but causing him to be miserable in the warmer climates. He tends to carry an air of arrogance around him, wearing it like a crown.
// Haughty

// Cold

// Aloof

// Explosive temper

// Scrappy
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