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Basic Info
Full Name: Tokala 'Tokie'
Subspecies: Great Plains/Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2.75 (April 2015)
Birthplace: Someplace
At A Glance
She is of a petite form, with dark chocolate brown fur and a light white underbelly. She has a lighter shade of brown for socks.
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Profile of Tokie: Details
She has a petite form, with a chocolate brown coat and a white underbelly and lighter colored socks on her legs and paws. Her eyes are of a light hazel. She has no noticeable scars.
She has been trained by her mother, Eyota to seduce men. She uses her looks, and a sultry voice to achieve this, and sees herself as a woman of arts, and the art of fighting. Tokala is wily, using her size so that others underestimate her. With children, she is kind to, but had been taught that killing male children is a kindness.

She has also made herself quite the liar, being a master of disguising emotion in her voice. Eventually she developed quite the taste for blood, and a lust for it, as well as other things. She also likes to have plenty of fun while doing what she does.

She tends to get bored rather quickly, and will find almost anything to save herself from such boredom. Such as traveling alone, this was one such thing that she did with her spare time.
She was born to Eyota and a male forgets the name of, and had been taught and raised to seduce male wolves by infiltrating packs. This made her a master of lying, and an adept fighter. She was sometimes scorned by Namid, as does not look so fondly upon her. She is the second youngest, only by a month to Sanuye and almost a year older than Memdi.

They came upon Teekon Wilds, and Tokala planned to have as much fun as she could.
Mother: Eyota
Father: Unknown

Blood-Sisters: Sanuye, Memdi
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