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Full Name: Karn
Subspecies: mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (January 2, 2015)
Birthplace: wilds north of teekon
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[Image: tumblr_p2z8keyyrU1v25w3jo10_400.gif]
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Massive grey male, thick yet tall and somewhat noble in appearance. Tall pointed ears, demonic yellow eyes.
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Karn is a nasty brute of a wolf. He takes great pleasure in being an evil, pompous, violent creature and often has a smile on his face when taking part in any kind of violent or cruel act. He is extremely loyal to his brother Saul and commands just as much respect. Impulsive and mecurial, Karn has a little less self control than his brother and will often act before assessing a situation for the best possible move. He also has a sick, sadistic love for pain and punishment and will put himself through great agony to prove a point or simply because he enjoys it.
Abandoned as a child with his brother in the wild north.
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3-3-3 — please read ( and accordingly thread with this toon ) at your own discretion! IC ≠ OOC; karn's thoughts & opinions do not, in any shape or form, represent my own, neither do i personally condone his actions.
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