Profile of Nara: Quick Facts
Lost Creek Hollow

Basic Info
Full Name: Nara
Subspecies: Hudson Bay Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (December 2, 2016)
Birthplace: Northwest Territories, Canada
At A Glance

[Image: nara_by_endless_adventure-dcjm8lf.png]

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Profile of Nara: Details

Creamy white, fluffy fur with light-brown to grey-brown tones. Smaller than normal body size. Bright green eyes.

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Nara is bright, affectionate, fair-minded and honest. She's not very brave and tries to avoid conflicts and fights, but she will try to protect the ones she loves by any means necessary. She can also be quite stubborn and finicky.


Nara is born in the northwestern parts of Canada. Early in life, she gets separated from her mother and her pack during a snowstorm. She follows the tracks of the pack, but unfortunately, in the wrong direction. A lone female wolf finds her close to death. She nurses Nara back to health and cares for her, but can't give her any milk. Because of this, Nara is smaller and weaker than other wolves of her kind. But her small size also makes her agile, fast and light-footed.

Her surrogate mother discards her when she has her own pups. Nara leaves to find a new home.

Nara enters Teekon Wilds.

Pack History
Parents: unknown mother and unknown father
LONE WOLF - Januari 30, 2018 till March 3, 2018
LOST CREEK HOLLOW (formerly SUNSPIRE) - March 3, 2018 till present
Profile of Nara: Additional Information
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