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Basic Info
Full Name: Dakini
Subspecies: 50% Coyote (canis latrans mearnsi), 50% Mexican wolf (canis lupus baileyi)
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old (February 13, 2016)
Birthplace: Arizona
At A Glance
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Profile of Dakini: Details
Black and brown mix on her small paws as it works it's way up her small legs. Her long tail is mostly brown with a white tip. She has a small mask of brown around her amber colored eyes, her jaws being white. Black and white repeat several times on her back, although her hips are tan. Her delicate ears are reddish brown as they lead down to a black and grey forehead.
Sweet, yet sassy, this tiny mixed creature is a small package of daises and dynamite. She's a little reckless, and her bluntness is never out of meanness or spite. Her bubbly laugh is only a few moments away on her lips. Her head is sometimes in the clouds, which is maybe why her mother named her a name meaning 'Sky Dancer'. Her impulsiveness gets her in trouble. She has no problem making friends. Her small frame cuts a slight picture: 2 foot tall, 40 pounds. Her length is almost impressive at almost 4 feet long. Her voice is a smooth alto, and her Mexican accent is strong. She speaks Spanish and English.
Raised by her mother and the other coyotes, she never knew her father. Having 6 siblings, she was the most quiet and reflective of the pups. She was the runt, not growing very big at all. Her diminutive size was always taken as her being fragile, which was definitely not right. As the others grew and took on mates or took to wandering, she took on a search for her dad, always wondering why he never stuck around.
Pack History
Father: (unknown to her) Kian- Mexican wolf
Mother: Aadya- Coyote
Siblings: 4 brothers- Mekhi, Rokco, Fynn, Houl; 2 sisters- Phoenicks, Oryun
Cracked Paws Gulch: - Birth- July 21, 2017
Lone Wolf: - July 21, 2017- February 2018
In Teekon
Ironsea: February 2018- Present
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