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Full Name: Myr
C. l. familiaris (50%) Beauceron x Shepherd;
C. l. pambasileus (50%) Yukon Wolf

Sex: Female
Age: 7 (August 2011)
Birthplace: Snag Junction, Yukon Territory
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The wolf influence is strong and has produced a broad woman with a naturally heavy weight. She stands at 31" at the shoulder and when in good health, weighs around 120 lbs. Her pelt is a mixture of black and tan (surely influenced by her dog half), marking her brows, cheeks, chest, and limbs with a deep pumpkin orange. She has a facial structure that more closely resembles a shepherd of some indeterminate type, while her ears are large enough not to stand. Her coat is dense with layers, adding the illusion of further density. She carries herself as if unaware of her own power.


A man thought he could make some easy money by breeding some dogs together and selling them up in Northern Canada; after some toil he managed to produce a few litters of puppies but they weren't exactly suited for the environment. Those that were (Myr and her siblings) were sold quickly. It became clear that the puppies were more wild than they initially seemed though; Myr was passed from home to home until she was "rescued" and left on her own in the wilderness. Since that point she's been surviving through the utilization of her basic instincts.

Through the years she rarely stuck around any area for long; wolves often targeted her as prey, mistook her behavior, or merely did not get along with her. Despite all of this she has been the brood of various litters: unfortunately, fate has not awarded her with any surviving children. She has all but stopped the practice of procreation at this point and wanders alone, intent on survival and nothing else.
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