Profile of Cyclone: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Neasa "Cyclone" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years+ (June 5, 2015)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
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Profile of Cyclone: Details
Dark grey with the telltale Blackthorn stripe. Cyclone has four white stockings. Her eyes are a murky grey, completing her monotone coloration.

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Flirts with anything that moves. Always scheming. Enemies are better than friends.
Cyclone left home when she was about a year old. She traveled the countryside breaking hearts, starting wars, and generally being a pain in everybody's ass. She's made no friends along the way, and she considers this a good thing. Fern, her older sister, has been tagging along with her for quite some time, much to Cyclone's dismay.

At some point, she met Tantalus and followed him back to wherever he came from where she has settled down just a tiny bit. In fact, she even had a mate for a brief time (before he disappeared without a trace). She returned to the Teekon Wilds with Grayson Odolf, his siblings, and a few other wolves with the intention of founding Rosings, but after his sister Addison bullied her enough, Cyclone left them to make something else of herself.

She came upon IkKanattuk a few days later, and seeing that they were short on numbers, she joined them. A week or so into her stay there, she decided Takiyok wasn't fit to be a leader and left to start something she actually liked (or at least that's how she'll tell the story).
Pack History
See Finley for Blackthorn relatives.

Mate: None
— Formerly: Jethro Wake
Blackthorn Clan — 06/2015 to 07/2016
Golden Ranch — 04/2018 to 10/2018
IkKanattuk — 12/2018 to 12/2018
Libertine Coterie — 12/2018 to present

Scout — 01/2019

Dates are in character.
Profile of Cyclone: Additional Information
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