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Full Name: brilliance singing-sunlight
Subspecies: e. timber wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0.48* (june 16, 2018)
Birthplace: broken boulder
At A Glance
                watching my own consumption from afar
                i belong only here
                                i belong nowhere
                                i belong back in the stars).

* as of 12/16
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[Image: NY0DePn.png]brilliance will be medium in size, slight in figure (teetering underweight), but her thick billowy coat she received from her mother helps hide the gauntly sight. primarily dark in color with ashy merle patterns mark mostly down the middle of her face with speckles on either side. light grey peppers the front of her chest, and spotting through the rest of her coat and the tops of her front legs, as well as some on her right ear.
Pack History
parents: queenie & delight
littermates: mali, solomon

alive. deceased. active
bracken sanctuary — 06/16/18 - 10/02/18
elysium — 10/16/18 - present
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Registered on February 20, 2018, last visited January 28, 2019, 07:00 PM
Pronouns: Singular they.
Availability: Saturday, Sunday
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