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Basic Info
Full Name: Zula
Subspecies: 50% Arctic Wolf, 50% Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (February 20, 2017)
Birthplace: Arctic Archipelago
At A Glance
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Profile of Zula: Details

Zula has a grey, fluffy pelt with a dark colored markings around the eyes and and dark patterns on her back. She has pink-purple eyes.


Despite her upbringing, Zula is affectionate and innocent. She always tries to see the best in others, even though some might not deserve it. Even now, in her mind she's still loyal to her old pack and believes they did what they did because that was the only way they knew how to live. This mindset makes her credulous and trusting.


As a newborn, Zula is taken from her pack and brought up by another, belligerent one. Because she is small and light, Zula is trained to become a spy. Her task is to gather intelligence on other packs and report back. She never sees all the horrible things that happen to those packs afterwards, although she knows. But who is she to question her own pack? It is the only family she's ever known.

When Zula spies on another pack, something about their scents doesn't feel right to her. She has smelled those scents before and realizes it is her birth pack. Zula quickly warns them and they get away, but when her own pack finds out, she has to run and hide. Returning isn't an option. You leave, you die.

Zula enters Teekon Wilds, a place far away from her old home.

Pack History

Parents: unknown mother and unknown father

LONE WOLF - February 27, 2018 till March 21, 2018
SHADOW MOUNTAIN - March 21, 2018 till April 19, 2018 - pledged
LONE WOLF - April 19, 2018 till present
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