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Basic Info
Full Name: Runion Cronus Keil
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: ((02/04/16))
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
A rather large wolf with an ashen pelt and tan eyes. Few scars.
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Profile of Runion: Details
Quite a bit larger than the rest of his littermates, with impossibly pale tan eyes. A few small scars, with one very noticeable scar across his right eye. He has an ashen pelt with a lighter toned underbelly. The lighter tone goes along his belly and all the way to the tip of his tail, and all the way back to just before his chin.
Loyal to a fault, stubborn, and a strict believer in survival of the fittest; except when it comes to his own loved ones, as he is not above blatant hypocrisy. At time, from his father's side he can end up acting rather odd. Neutral Evil. Is a family man.
Runion was born in a second litter of four. He was the son to an abusive father, Arnlith and his kind mother Celia. They were the result of their father forcing himself upon their mother in a heat. The parents were forced out, with one of the first litter remaining. Runion was the star child under his father, for he was the largest of the litter and conformed in his father's beliefs, unlike the other children. Runion connected well with Shaara at first, but as they matured he grew to dislike all his littermates due to their vision of their father.

He became highly disliked by his family, except his parents. One day, one of the children, his brother Alarian who had always been one of the odd ones killed their father. From that day onwards he vowed if he ever saw his brother again...he would kill him in the slowest way possible, and make his life a living hell. Later he set out to find his outcast of a brother.
Father: Arnlith
Mother Celia
Littermates: Alarian, Lanawyn, Shaara
Older Siblings: Zamael, Araia, Iriante, Velmar, Makrin
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