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Full Name: Sixgill Volkodav-Corten
Subspecies: Mid-Content Wolfdog (Armenian Gampr [25%], Belgian Groenendael [25%], Caspian Sea Wolf [25%], Coastal Wolf [12.5%], Vancouver Island Wolf [12.5%])
Sex: Male
Age: (June 26, 2018)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle
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[Image: 7jrxJYO.png]
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With a long, plush coat of cream and blonde, Sixgill takes after both his parents in resembling his dog heritage more than the wolf. His eyes are a warm yellow-bronze, and he sports the tufted ear tips passed down by his mother to all four of her children.

As a puppy, Six is a moderate mix of his parents, leaning ever so slightly towards being more lithe and angular rather than stocky and brutish, while seeming neither overly masculine nor feminine in appearance.

As an adult, he will grow in to his long legs and athletic frame, filling out with muscle developed from long hours running along the beach and swimming in the ocean.

one of 4 puppies born to Stockholm and Coelacanth
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