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Basic Info
Full Name: Tomkin
Subspecies: Arctic
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old (March 16, 2016)
Birthplace: Aningan Tundra
At A Glance
Broad shouldered, from afar he almost looks like a heavy muscled brute, yet as you approach him, his demeanor and gait is open, but his bright green eyes are shielded.
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Profile of Tomkin: Details
A white coated, large wolf with eyes the color of new leaves in spring. From the tips of his ears to his tail, he's brushed with black.

Scent: Freshly fallen snow, pine needles and heavy rain
Known as the "wild child" of his alpha mother and father, Tomkin's patience was the only thing that saved him from his father's strictness and repetitive daily lessons of "soldiering". He sees the trees instead of the whole forest, preferring to solve the problem immediately in front of him. Looking before he leaps, he fixes the mistakes he makes as he goes. He doesn't have any problem admitting when he was wrong after the fact. Living by his own moral compass, it has gotten him in trouble before, the latest when he impregnated a wolfess, which, by his father's rules, was outlawed. He would have stayed, even though he has a reluctance to have pups this early in life, attesting to his sense of duty he had pounded into him by his father. His perceptiveness and observational skills are keen, making him very good at picking up small details about everything and everyone. Yet he has no tact with little regard for sensitivity, asking straightforward questions about what he has noticed. He loves pushing things to their limit, but sometimes his rationality and practicality take hold, making his life a bit easier. Direct and sometimes insensitive, he prefers his words and questions get to the point, not liking avoiding any topic, no matter how uncomfortable.
Born in Spring, Tomkin was on the go from the very start, sticking his nose anywhere he could. He was a rascal and almost seemed too unruly to control: playful and a little loud. Yet his father, a strict, soldier-like large wolf, tried as he grew. Always curious, Tomkin always asked questions until his father taught him better with strong discipline and a few bites. He always resented his father a bit, feeling confined even in the wide tundra. His father's reach was long, and he felt he could never escape it, although he tried by doing what his father commanded of him, knowing he would get more freedom if he did. Yet it seemed his father saw through him and demanded even more of him. He was a good soldier, most of the time, showing up and doing what was expected of him. His sense of duty to his pack and siblings kept him there, knowing, at least in his mind, this was going to be his life, so he might as well try to do well.

He then met a young wolfess, a beautiful white one with odd markings. She was different, more relaxed and loved asking philosophical questions which he found fascinating to think and talk about. Not love, but an understanding passed between them, at least on Tomkin's part. They began to talk more, and Tomkin's wanderlust and daredevilry came out, making them take risks, or rather, him taking risks and coaxing her into them. They wandered too far from the pack one night to come back, which led to curling up together, which led to...well, let's continue. Coming back, his father was furious, becoming aggressive. Scar marks, although covered by fur from the world, has never left his mind after that. From that moment on, his sense of duty to his father's wishes became almost nonexistent, and life became rough at home. As the weeks passed, the wolfess told him something that made his heart beat fast in his chest, whether from fear or excitement or something else, he didn't know.

She asked him about becoming mates, but he balked at the idea, the sense of freedom with her now gone again. Tomkin wanted to see the pups, yet being tied down in one place made his blood run colder than the wind that cut through his home. He made no promises, and, furious with him, the wolfess turned on him, running straight to his father. Of course, his father blew up, literally chasing him, snarling out of camp, then stood on the border, his anger and aggression in his stance as he yelled at Tomkin and then he dismissed him, saying he was not welcome back, and stood there until Tomkin walked away. Emotions in turmoil, he paced for hours until his siblings came to him and told him they had decided to leave. He tried to convince them to not do this for him, yet agreed reluctantly when they said they wanted to look for his sister, whom he had admired for leaving. After travelling for weeks, they were united with his sister, and he was happy. The freedom was exhilarating, and he became a bit more carefree and began to take more risks just for the thrill. Yet after a while, he wandered away from his family after his sister's pups were born, thoughts plaguing his sleep. Knowing he needs to see them again, he starts back, and this is where Tomkin's story really begins.
Parents: Tejal & Sirmiq
Older Siblings: Shivali, Siarut, Tahani
Litter mates: Takiyok, Shila, Sadiq
Profile of Tomkin: Additional Information
All of his post titles will come from Rag'n'Bone Man song lyrics.
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