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Full Name: Tahani Iyaroak Ateneq
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (01/05/2014)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
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Profile of Tahani: Details
fluffy white coat suited for the arctic conditions of the north

large, expressive eyes

big and stocky, like the majority of her family.

voice is low and sweet and slightly gravelly. smells like herbs and greenery.
ISFJ - Neutral Good - Capricorn

quiet but not timid--fiercely protective of those whom she loves

kind-hearted; always willing to lend a paw

a natural caretaker and healer; wiser than her years

happiest around those in need and with her plants
comes to Teekon Wilds with Siarut and Tomkin, looking for Shivali

joins Blackfeather Woods and meets Ocracoke, a pregnant blind woman

helps deliver Shivali's and Ocracoke's litters; becomes de facto guardian of the latter's daughter, Currituck

leaves for Duskfire Glacier with her family to start a new life as IkKanattuk
Pack History
Shivali, Siarut

Younger siblings:
Takiyok, Tomkin

Nieces & nephews:
Aningan, Sos, Tunerk (Shivali x Kove, 2018)

Adopted daughter:
Currituck (Ocracoke x Ithrik, 2018)

Off-site relations

Tejal & Sirmiq

Younger siblings:
Shila, Sadiq
Aningan Tundra
January 5, 2014 - January 19, 2018

Lone wolf
January 20, 2018 - May 9, 2018

Blackfeather Woods
May 9, 2018 - July 9, 2018

July 9, 2018 - present
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