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Basic Info
Full Name: "Dubloon"
Subspecies: Canis lupus columbianus
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (April 2016)
Birthplace: Echo Bay, British Columbia
At A Glance
height: 67cm / 2.2 feet high (shoulder)
weight: 60 kg / 130lbs (mesomorph)
length: 3.7 ft / 1.1 m long (head-to-tail)
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Profile of Dubloon: Details
An atramentous composition of russet  #44250f; this dusky brunette appears jet-black at first glance, but is gilded along his top line with flecks of bronze  #813e0d and deep espresso  #6b2f0f. His eyes stand out against the swarthy backdrop of his thin face, being the color of two farthings  #d98643.

Dubloon is, first and foremost, a pirate. He is proud of his heritage, so much so that he believes anyone not living a pirate's life is not "doing life right". A pirate is many things — a survivor, a creature resistant to the modus operandi of the "status quo", and occasionally, a criminal. This guy here is glad to be considered all of these things, but is chiefly driven by the darker side of his culture. He gladly hunts for new and interesting experiences, indicating that he's got quite an open mind; he is exploitative of those he deems weak or unworthy of his loyalty, but on the flip side can become quite a strong supporter of someone (if they give him good reason); he puts a lot of value on his own free will, and due to this Dubloon will more often than not put himself first — above everyone, even the captain if he's not particularly fond. He lives his life true to himself and no one else.


Pack History

Flintlock Hollow > (cap'n basalt)
crew: swab > cooper > rigger

Riptide Cove > (cap'n ripper)
crew: rigger > bos'n > foreman

Ironsea > (cap'n rosalyn)
crew: tbd
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