Profile of Thray: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Thray Brighes
Subspecies: 50% coyote, 50% grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 4, 2016)
Birthplace: Tsillah
At A Glance
Lissome and sleek, Thray is exceptionally beautiful and moves with a fluid, feline grace. Her coat is black, but the majority of her pelt has silver ticking to it. Her legs, ears and muzzle are pitch black, and she has a white patch on her chest. Sea foam green eyes.
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Profile of Thray: Details
A mere slip of a creature, Thray is a small, wiry and sleek sylph, with silver-ticked black fur covering the majority of her body, with the exception of her legs, ears and muzzle which are pitch black. She bears a small white patch on her chest as well. Her eyes are sea foam green.
Stony, watchful and often aloof, Thray often comes across as being a bit distant and wild. She is a no nonsense sort of creature, very devout and respectful of the laws she has grown up with as a part of a small pack. She hasn't formed many strong attachments, and isn't likely to form strong, amiable friendships. That being said, she fits in well with a hierarchy and strives to excel in her role as a packmate. She finds personal goals and responsibilities more alluring than forming friendships which makes her an ideal soldier, as she is loyal without being controlled by her emotions.
Thray was a part of a small, close-knit pack of coywolves who had banded together as they found it hard to join packs of wolves. Thray's mother joined while still pregnant with a wolf's pups- the wolf had abandoned her shortly after their coupling, so she sought out others who might accept her. All went well until they took in a sickly, lone coyote joined them- a carrier of the disease distemper. Thray and her mother and brothers, who were naturally standoffish, left when she was still a very young pup, knowing that only danger awaited them around the sickly coyote. They then found Tsillah, and were taken in. The pups were raised there, but Thray left the pack after she was a year old to branch out on her own.
Mother: Brandine Brighes (coyote, deceased)
Father: Telu (wolf, whereabouts unknown)
Brothers: Torkan and Lemmu (deceased)
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