Profile of Grayling: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Grayling Volkodav-Corten
Subspecies: Wolfdog Mix (25% Armenian Gampr x 25% Belgian Groenendael x 50% Wolf)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.0 (June 24, 2018)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle (Sequoia Coast, Teekon Wilds)
At A Glance
Theme Song: Leviathan by Azedia
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Profile of Grayling: Details
As an infant, Grayling is nothing special to look at. He's a big puppy, coated in gunmetal grey fuzz with white around his neck and on his belly. His eyes are a stormy shade of bluish-grey.

In adulthood he will be rather large, standing 29 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing approximately 90 pounds. His physical build is a mixed bag of his various lineages: he has the musculature and general appearance of a gampr, with the ears and narrow frame of a groenendael and the muzzle of a wolf. His coat is primarily dark cobalt grey with subtle bluish hues. Sleek black masks his face and throat, and heavily blankets his back and the top portion of his tail. Snow white with subtle shades of pale silver wrap his neck and follow his nape down to a saddle just behind his shoulders. The same stark shades of winter cover his underside, legs, butt-fur, and the fringe of his tail. His tail, when lifted over his back, curls slightly like a husky's. He has ocean eyes of deep neptune and turquoise -- much like those of his mother, but darker. His long, sharply-pointed ears are tipped with small, catlike tufts of black fur.

[Image: tJm5QRf.png]
TBD IC, but he'll be a bold and fearless kid, adoring and protective of his mother while striving to emulate his father. As he grows, he will likely take an interest in roles that allow him to protect and provide for his pack.

Additionally, he will be an ocean soul, abiding a deep affinity for the ocean and finding it difficult to live far from the shore.
Pack History
UNDERSEA: Birth (06/24/18) -- Present
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