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Full Name: Koontz Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (March 25, 2012)
Birthplace: Seahawk Valley, British Columbia
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She is a distinctive blend of her mismatched parentage, her shaded grayscale pelt also a throwback to her biological grandfather (Fenroyal) and several of her aunts and uncles (Nightingale, Osprey, Peregrine). Her eyes are a strikingly pale shade of blue, like sea ice. She has a solidly medium-sized frame (32 in. x 5.25 ft. x 85 lbs.), sharing her father's svelte figure but her mother's long, powerful legs.
Raised by a mother who was notoriously rough around the edges and a regal and well-spoken father, the result is—much like her appearance—an interesting mixture of their respective temperaments. Koontz can be rather rough-and-tumble (which is also partially due to growing up with lots of older brothers), continuing her mother's wild and tomboyish legacy, though she noticably lacks her dam's explosive edge. Instead, she shares her father's natural intelligence and diplomacy and, like Aether, she tends to be rather introspective. This makes her seem shy or even submissive sometimes, especially in contrast to March Owl, but Koontz is not actually timid; she is merely an introvert.
She was born to the the long-established Alpha pair of a pack known as the Flightless Falcons, which was comprised mainly of her older siblings and a plethora of other relatives. She lived a happy, uneventful life in the Seahawk Valley, but fell prey to the wanderlust written in her unacknowledged DeMonte genes at a young age. Shortly after her first birthday, she departed to roam.<br /><br />Eventually, she found herself in the Pacific Northwest, where she founded a pack called Dragonwatchers with her brother, Ray, and a good friend, Ariston. The pack lasted for a few months but did not thrive, especially when prey became scarce in the wilds. Preferring to swallow her pride and admit defeat rather than endanger her pack mates' lives, she disbanded Dragonwatchers and, with Ray and a few others in tow, made her her way back to the Seahawk Valley to rejoin Flightless Falcons.<br /><br />She lived there until the middle of winter. Her father passed away, her mother stepped down from leadership and her elder brother, Tyrannus, rose into power. He then proceeded to exile most young, healthy males from the ranks. Despite her fear, disgust and loneliness&mdash;for both of her litter mates were abruptly banished&mdash;Koontz was still reluctant to abandon her birth pack. It wasn't until March Owl died at the beginning of February that she finally severed ties and left again.
Pack History
Her immediate family include her parents, the late Aether DiSarinno and the late March Owl Redleaf, and her litter mates, Dean and <a href="">Ray</a>. She has too many other <a href="">relatives</a> to name.
Flightless Falcons: Nebulosa (03/25/2012 &mdash; 03/28/2013); Lone Wolf (03/28/2013 &mdash; 07/19/2013); Dragonwatchers: Beta (07/19/2013 &mdash; 08/12/2013), Alpha Female (08/12/2013 &mdash; 09/18/2013), Alpha Female &middot; Boneknapper (09/18/2013 &mdash; 11/06/2013); Lone Wolf (11/06/2013 &mdash; 11/28/2013); Flightless Falcons: Nebulosa (11/28/2013 &mdash; 02/01/2014); Lone Wolf (02/03/2014 &mdash; present)
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