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Full Name: Atiris Bree-Anders
Subspecies: Mustang
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (June 4, 2013)
Birthplace: Outermost Plains
At A Glance
Stout, buckskin mustang mare.
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Atiris is a typical mustang in form and colouration, sporting a stocky, powerful build, perfect for the rugged terrain and defending herself. She has thick, muscled legs, and a short, heavy neck, hindquarters bunched with sinew and hooves that are small but hard and clever.

Her hide is the colour of corn, a gleaming golden hue, but her mane and tail are the shade of raven feathers. She has a dark beige dorsal stripe and faint zebra markings that creep up her hind legs from her dark socks. Her mane and tail are exceptionally long, as is her forelock, and are often tangled and whispy.
Wily and hardened by life in the wild, Atiris has adapted to live a no-nonsense sort of lifestyle, built more for survival than anything else.
Atiris was born alongside several other foals in a thriving herd of horses- which, unfortunately, was targeted for roundup. Aritis' dam was a clever one, though, and managed to guide a small segment of the herd away from the ranchers- and out into the wild where they lived and were hunted by both men and predators. Several years passed and again and again, the group found themselves subject to a hunt, either by men or by other wild animals. A recent roundup split the herd further, chasing Atiris out on her own.
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