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Full Name: Shisu Marisol Beliveau
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (8/15/2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
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Now a soft kiss- Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.
- John Keets

Despite looking large from afar, Shisu is actually an average look, perhaps even smaller then average. Her thick, well-sprung chest and dense fur only make the illusion of a giant bear, but a better term would be a small bear, then an actual one. If one can overlook her mass of fur, underneath she has a rather lithe body-tone, she has a thin body that barely contains any muscle or fat. She is able to walk with elegance, each step taken with a delicacy, as each step barely makes a sound. Her frame is not large, she is simply overrun with the massive amount of fur she has. Though she does not hold her head high, Shisu gives a slight meek, but soft demeanor to others.

She contains a rather unusual set of colors, being a gray agouti with white, some may find her rather particular, and unnatural to be seen in certain parts. The lightest part of her is the white underbelly that leads to her muzzle, to the tip of her tail, otherwise the rest is a various shade of the beautiful gray agouti she bares. The lightest of the color surrounds her body, being seen on her leg, and the side of her body, but the top of her coat is the darkest of the color, leading a bit toward her tail, and a bit to her legs. The color has a Siamese point toward to her paws, a bit near her face. Otherwise her head is a lighter shade of the color, as it swirls to match it's darker points near Shisu's back. To top off her exquisite coloring, is her alluring light, almost cloud-like blue eyes that has a soft warmth to them.


[ Kind, Warm, Selflessness, Spiritual, Nervous, Delicate, Gullible ]

Most wolves immediate thought on her is; anxious. She feels nervous to speak with strangers, and even if she manages to gather the nerves, Shisu always has the most respectable tone, regardless of who it is. She simply doesn't know what the right words to say, as she is afraid to upset others and to hit nerves. She always carries a soft and warm tone, especially toward the younger generation. Though thats once she is comfortable, normally speaks in stammers and stutters due to anxiety. The gray agouti female treats all how she wants to be treated- with love, respect, and warmth. She really does not want to harm anybody.

She does not like fights, and gets rather silent when there is hostility in the air, barely able to get in a word. Shisu is used to her words simply being swept away, making her a big push-over concerning certain topics. However, she will never do what she doesn't believe in, she will never harm another regardless of their intentions, even if it means she gets hurt in the process. Though, she is easy to manipulate. A wolf with smooth words can easily manipulate her into thinking something that is wrong, is actually right. If someone phrases it right, they can make something that was once against her beliefs, turn into something that might just be in her alignment. She is gulliable in that way, often believing in what others say- perhaps too trusting of others. She tends to put others first before herself, because the wolf really does enjoy to see others smile. Selfless, she has no impure thoughts of wanting to rise to a higher power, or topple someone else. The only thought in mind, is to have friends, and a family whom she can call her own.

One can call her a rather spiritual wolf, as she believes everything has it's own life, and everything has it's meaning. That's why she does not like to harm others- and has issues with hunting. Though, she understands it's what needs to be done to survive, and will always offer a short prayer to their passing. Shisu believes all life- including nature, deserves respect, and often gives it thanks to what she has. Her eyes often linger toward the stars, not many know what she thinks- whether it's a prayer to what is above, or enjoying it's beauty.

Shisu believes in divination, magic, and karma, she likes to read what is around to see the signs. Due to this she is very perceptive on people's emotional, the slightest difference in their usual demeanor can be caught by her eye. She currently does not put her fate to a God or Goddess, but rather to life, and mother nature itself. She hopes there is an afterlife, but also enjoys the thought of becoming one with nature itself. The wolf respects others views- as this is simply her own hopes.

What truly defines her, despite her anxious nature, she overcomes it with the strong desire for friends, for family, and for a place she can call home.


She was brought into the world by a relatively normal Pack who were leaning more toward older traditions; they had the caste system of alphas and omegas, as the Alphas word was law, it was hard to get any say of what they do in the Packaging. They did not explore the arts, for they needed to protect their border and hunt for survival. Survival, is the primary focus her Pack held.

When she was born as Sheru, she was relatively weak and needed constant care. They had named her Sheru, meaning Lion, in the hopes she would survive and be strong like the felines in the plains. She was glad they did not give up on her, for she grew up healthy, but sheltered.

She could not play with her brothers, for their rough housing was too much for her to bare. They realized this after one day of puppy playing, and Sheru was thrown against a jagged rock, wounding her. Her already weak constitution barely could bear the compromise of her immune system of the cut. She went seriously ill before bouncing back- but unable to be with others anymore. She had two brothers, so even if they did not have her, they had each other to toss around. Her mother, when not dealing with the brothers, would at times share stories or sing lullabies to her. Otherwise, the small pup simply gazed in a daze. Her mother hoped the stories could keep her mind like a pup, and give her the excitment she needs for her age.

While growing up stronger, she was still left out of the hunts and training practice, for her skillset was not enough to keep up. She felt like baggage, a nuisance, while they never called her that she didn't want to be a burden.

She was isolated, however it was her own nerves that made her like this. Sheru felt anxious, too nervous to talk to her packmates, she felt their stares were of ridicule, and never knowing if the stares were true, she avoided them. She dare not to face their gaze.

If she was not trying to practice hunting to get the skills to survive, she often went on walks. A lot of her time focused watching the forest in silence, appreciating the silent companion she was with. Her eyes often wandered up to the sky, admiring the beauty and the changes each night it brought. The forest was often the same, but the stars shifted.

Though one day during her walks, she spotted a small den in a swamp by a wolf! And she, was on her territory. Sheru thought she was to be attacked, but the wolf just gave orders to bring plants over. However! Be careful not to bite down! Some are poisonous.

Being rather docile, Sheru of course, spent the rest of the day helping this strange wolf sort out different items. Some were snakes and frogs, different plants, rabbits, and rocks. She did this before the wold introduced herself, not by a name, but saying she is a Witch.

Though she wasnt the cursing type. Poison was just an interest she held, but this strange interest led the old wolf being shunned out of the pack- Sheru's Pack. 

Sheru found out they also shared similar interests, such as star gazing. Thus, the wolf spent a lot of time coming back to the "Witch," learning newer things. Astrology, a bit of plants (particulary poison) and storytelling. She had no idea the stars held such fascinating tales.

She liked learning from this wolf. Gradually they shared same ideals, such as how everything has a life, and you should cherish it. It was the only wolf she could truly talk to without weird stares, or unable to communicate.

When that same wolf past away, Sheru truly felt she had lost her home. Sheru felt like she did not belong to her Pack, and she only realized that once she found someone..

Because of that, she left. To find a real home. A home where she could be herself.. She was born Sheru, but she'll leave as someone new. She'll leave as Shisu.
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