Profile of Harmony: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Harmony Willows
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year 9 months (12/24/16)
Birthplace: Willow Pines, Russia
At A Glance
A black cloud. Heavenly eyes but hell lies behind them.
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Profile of Harmony: Details
The woman has a dark pelt, like a shadow in the night. The only thing that would give her away is the white under her eyes, almost like she had cried for days leaving her fur permanently died white. There are also two white stripes that come from her thigh and meet at her spine on either side of her. She has heterochromia, one eye is a bright shining pink and one is a Glowing purple. She stands at an average height for a female and weighs just about 94 pounds. She is still growing because she is only a year and a half old.
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Shy, Savage, Little Words, Hidden, Suspicious of others intentions, Aggressive when provoked, Perfectionist.

If she's ever SUPER comfortable with someone she will speak, but she has a thick Russian accent

Harmony rarely ever speaks to anyone, it is usually plain as day her mood in a thread. She can be a savage true wolf if she is provoked, so when her body language leads you to believe that she doesn't want you around DO NOT stick around and try to talk/ interact with her. She will usually try to hide from anyone like a snake (more afraid of you than you are of them) but if she feels cornered she will do ANYTHING to get away. When Harmony is doing something it needs to be done to perfection or she starts completely over. This has lead her to have some OCD tendencies in her life, they will be shown ICly.

Harmony has the voice of an angel when she sings. Hence the name she was given, she rarely ever sings but every year on the anniversary of Cason’s death she sings their song.

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This shadow princess was born to the highest powers in a Russian pack of 20 wolves. She was prized as she was the only one who lived through the roughest of their winters proving to her pack that she could survive almost anything. After the rough winter Harmony was roughly 3 months old, her mother and father started her training. She was to become the packs Hit woman . At 8 months old she was learning so fast that the pack couldn't keep up with her. When that time had come they sent her off on a mission, to kill a rival packs only child born. Hesitant but wanting to make sure she pleased her relatives she reluctantly slithered off into the night, making sure to wait until every wolf was asleep before... well ya know. It became more and more frequently that they used her after she was successful time after time. It was when she was 1 year and 2 months old when she decided that talking wasn't needed after all she had done and seen in her life (even being so young). After another 2 months in her pack she couldn't take it so her and her childhood love, Cason, took off in the night. Wanting to get away they led themselves on a ship not knowing that it was headed to the U.S. and was on it for 6 days. Once they boarded on shore they snuck off. Cason took care of Harmony until they reached a town when they were rummaging through a trash can for any source of food, unfortunately a human used a gun to... ya know. Harmony also doesn't speak because of this. She feels as though it was her fault, wanting to leave the pack and taking Cason with her, it was traumatic. The shadow princess had tried to drag his body with her but eventually buried him in the forest that was near the town. She vowed that if she ever went back she would find the human and end them. Since then she has been wondering around aimlessly, not really knowing what life is.

Teekon Wilds :

She has wondered into the wilds unknowingly. She hopes to be alone for a while until she feels she could prove to be a loyal subject to a pack one day. They would have to feel a lot like the family she’s never had. Anyway, she has met Soltero whom she is wooed by because he doesn’t leave after she expresses her silent ways. She wants to asks questions but fears the mouthing would lead her to talk.
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Pack History
Cason- Deceased Mate
Багровые клыки - Hit woman
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