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Basic Info
Full Name: Kingbolt Shackleton
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (April 10, 2014)
Birthplace: Baskerfalls Lake
At A Glance
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A very noble-looking fellow, with traditional grey wolf coat patterns. His pelt is so thick it covers the crossroads of scars that he has gained throughout his life, and gives him an even larger-than-life appearance. He has the same imposing, impressive air than a juggernaut might have; crafted in such a way that he appears almost invincible. A tall and heavy frame, boxy and square, with a piercing yet jovial glint to his dark blue eyes.
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Profile of Kingbolt: Details
A gruff, jagged and kingly fellow, patterned with traditional grey wolf colours. His pelt is thick and dense all year 'round, giving him a majestic appearance. His legs are tufted, as are his chin and the tips of his ears, giving him a noble appearance. His muzzle is boxy and eyes small but sharp; a dark, regal blue in colour.
Kingbolt is in every essence a knight; he believes in a true good that governs, and a darkness that must be vanquished. As an ally he is loyal and respectful, dedicated and task-oriented but still open to creating long-lasting and meaningful friendships and relationships. He bears himself with an almost kingly air, but prefers to be a second-in-command to leading, as leading gives him something akin to stage fright.

As an enemy, he is formidable, but often prone to dramatics, preferring to wax poetic than fight, though he is quite capable at both.
Kingbolt Shackleton was not born an heir or a prince; instead, he was born to a humble little pack of seven wolves, alongside a brother and a sister named Fennel and Marjoram. His name was Chervil Baskerville, and he was raised by wolves whose knowledge of herbs and medicines were impeccable; so he learned, as well, from his parents, how to treat all sorts of wounds, infections and illnesses...But it wasn't his passion. Chervil wanted to be a warrior.

It wasn't something that had really popped up in his family line before- he came from a very long line of medics, all of whom had been very even-tempered, quiet and kind individuals. Chervil, however, was a spitfire who wanted nothing more than to wrassle and fight, and while his parents tried to teach him a bit, they fell very short of that task...Until finally, an opportunity arose.

They crossed paths with another small, nomadic group of wolves who had wounded individuals. They were led by an impressive alpha named Whinjack, and were primarily a band of knights who had set a course to vanquish any who sought to cause trouble or injury to other wolves. Chervil's pack healed the travelling soldiers, and in return, they offered to take young Chervil with them and train him properly. He was beside himself with joy, though his parents took some convincing. He eventually left with the band of knights, and never saw his parents again.

He changed his name willingly, as a way of leaving his previous life behind, and taking on the surname that all within the group shared: Shackleton. A group of brave individuals, who endeavoured to create a greater good in the world. He was given the name Kingbolt and travelled with his fellow knights for some time- but as their only trainee, over time, travel became too difficult for the already elderly group of knights. Eventually, they chose to settle, but Kingbolt chose to soldier on, and create his own legion of golden knights.
Pack History
Mother: Fennerty Baskerville
Father: Thunder II Baskerville
Brother: Fennel Baskerville
Sister: Marjoram "Marjie" Baskerville
Baskerfalls Lake: Pup-juvenile
Shackleton Endurance: Apprentice, Squire, Knight, Commander
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