Profile of Isleña: Quick Facts
Dragoncrest Cliffs

Basic Info
Full Name: Isleña-Luk
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years (February 25, 2017)
Birthplace: Khorasan
At A Glance
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Profile of Isleña: Details
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human model — eartha kitt — voice and theme
scent — sun-baked earth and cardamom — chaotic evil-ish

dark brown pelt with lowlights of rust
small, disarming blue-green eyes. 
short and kinda runty and will fight you

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loyal. cunning. vociferous. mouthy. fiercely independent.
relatively illiterate in the common tongue.

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Pack History
mother: nergui-luk
father: baatar-luk
paternal cousins: enx-luk, kuyuk-luk, tashkent-luk
khorasan: bebek, turgha'ut
drageda: brana
Profile of Isleña: Additional Information
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