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Full Name: Sofie
Subspecies: Hoomun
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (10/02/2002)
Birthplace: England
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Classes starting soon. Replies will be slower but if something is important feel free to PM or e-mail and I'll hop on it.
Discord: Bonetrixir#3966 / @Sofie
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Of the female gender, dark-hazel eyes and mid-length blonde hair.
Weight: 56kg Height: 5'5

My characters


Born just outside the Teekon Wilds, slowly moving in over the years and now lives in the Shadewood, protecting the wolves there. However he will not directly do so, if you come across him and are not scented by Cry, he will turn hostile and attack. PM if you wish to make a thread with him, can be just outside the Shadewood.
Status: ACTIVE


The most joyful girl you could meet, if you have the luck to not seem dodgey or rude. She is one and a half, currently, and loves to meet new people. Will always be your friend.
Height: 60cm Length: 65cm Weight: 37kg
~:| Pawprints |:~

Angsty three year old with a funny personality. Will love some but has a wildfire for a temper that is unstoppable; almost. Firecely loyal to friends and those of her pledged: The Melonii bloodline.
Height:83cm Length: 88cm Weight: 58kg
~:| Pawprints |:~

Quiet, brooding, and uses his actions more than words. He, however, is not a recluse and does like to stick his nose into everything.
Height: 72cm Length: 84cm Weight: 68kg
~:| Pawprints |:~

A star boy and son of the stars. A renegade that follows Magick teachings and wishes for knowledge to expand his horizans and become a powerful Druid whilst also dabbling in other areas.
Height: 80cm Length: 84cm Weight: 75kg
~:| Pawprints |:~

A bisexual flirt with a sassy personality that will try to whoo your ass or kick it; all depends of your, face I guess.

A dictator and a extrovert, never afraid to voice his opinion as well as striving to make the world better through any means possible.

A stranger to the Teekons with a outgoing personallity and a can-do attitude though if one is in touch with their surroundings, they may notice there is something off about him.

A sympathetic man with a desire to help those in need but with a firm hand and his cards laid bare. He believes that skills make you valuable in one sense but your heart in another.
Frost Fire

Height is to the shoulder, length is from the nose to the hips. In order of activity.
All lonely threads will stay active for 2 weeks.
Active threads will stay open for 31 days from the last post.
Trade threads will remain open until completed.

You can add me to any thread by PM'ing first or just tagging; the latter as long as the thread seems like it will correlate to my timeline.

If I've said I'll start/join a thread and I should've, just throw a reminder my way and I'll jump straight on it. I'm useless.

Thread content doesn't equal my own beliefs, but I am happy to enter 18+ threads. If you have any concerns with thread content, drop a PM on Discord or here and I will happily reply.

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DERG By Xynien
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FLICKER By Anthony[Image: IYDmdyY.png]
Pack History

PM this account for threads!
A female cougar, cunning and lithe with a curious alignment, for she only plays by the rules what she wants to; yet the rest of the time is spent disobaying them.
Character still in development

An owl that likes to haunt forests and divebomb everyone. Flys from forest to forest, making funny noises then attacking anyone who investigates. But he will probably fly into a tree. It will be funny.

An observer of the night. Likes to keep others on their toes at times and can often seem helpful. He has been known to alert others of dangers in the forests they're traipsing through.
The Morrigan
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