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Full Name: Renier Laroche
Subspecies: 100% Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (February 14th 2015)
Birthplace: Arching Falls.
At A Glance
Dark fur, large and strong, Flashing shockingly bright silver eyes.
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Mocha, Silver and black with thick black lined silver eyes. Tall and lean with sculpted, distinct muscles.
Laroche is a no nonsense, intolerant, distant, cold man. Don't take this to mean he doesn't care. He is capable of emotions but to get that part of him takes earning his respect. He doesn't like whiners, he doesn't like unescessary drama makers. He is a very "you want it done, do it yourself" type.
Laroche was born in Arching falls, a beautiful forest with a large lake that has falls going into it. The forest was ruled by wolves with their pack at the top. One day a forest fire started and wiped out half the packs, his father died of smoke inhalation and his mother had vanished and never showed back up. He refused to stay with them gone and left, leaving his pack without a leader.

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