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Full Name: Sidonie Huntington
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.4 (November 1st 2017)
Birthplace: Outside
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face claim; rihanna
sexuality; bisexual
tarot; death
mated to; none
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A largely dark wolf, Huntington's grey coat blends in effortless with her surroundings should it be the night. She is simple in design, having pale yellow eyes and a lack of any other pigment on her body except some white and brown. Her face is stark ivory, with dots surrounding her eyes. Huntington's coat is thinner than most, perhaps due to never staying in a place for long enough to build it for winter. Small and lanky, almost starved in appearance, she is not one for physical fighting. Instead, she is quiet and sticks mostly to the outside of groups. She's quite keen to be forgotten in the proverbial woodwork.
Life is a series of possibilities laid before you. Simply choose the one you like and that action defines you until you choose another. Eventually, a web will spread that shows the world what sort of person you are. Are you kind? Are you mean? Are you somewhere in between? There are always words to describe you. Huntington is no different from others in that regard. She has goals, dreams, hopes, and fears. No matter how different another person is, they will always have these things deep down. It is what unifies a species, sharing common traits. It makes it easier for someone to pluck out those common traits and use them against others should the need arise.

Huntington has been described as odd. Though charismatic if spoken to she is unnaturally quiet and prefers to stay to the back of crowds unless something sparks an interest. Odd people are often quiet, solitude-loving and dress in a manner that sparks an outcry. That's just how the world sees them. Huntington quietly offers medical advice to those who would take it. She is somewhat grim in suggestion, somehow working in that cutting open your stomach to find the source of your bellyache would be ideal instead of taking "all that medicine."

When it comes to emotion, she is puzzled as to why people feel the way they should and takes to theory instead of applying it to her own life. This suggests that she cannot actually deal with her own, closing herself off emotionally to other people. It is further backed up by the fact she never reveals personal information about herself, never establishing a true link with others. Her deadpan features disconnect her from others. Though she can force emotion onto her face, things rarely shock or anger enough and she has come off as unfeeling and cold. She remains glued to scientific and psychological facts, sometimes guessing a person's reaction from their body language.

As mentioned before she is charismatic with some leadership qualities. She can make her voice as sweet as honey and become your best friend, mother-figure. Her ideas sound grand and fair. She could never accomplish this on her own; that is why she needs you. She does not make this sound selfish, never makes it about herself and plays the victim quite easily. She can tear down your walls with your reactions, but she would never trick someone into doing something she would not be willing to do herself. Huntington does not like to punish people who go against her but will to establish an apex complex. Though she would prefer if the public did it, as she'd rather not play the martyr.

She is very used to speaking for the people, the downtrodden and poor. This does not make her a nice person; only a person of opportunity. She makes sure to be in places when windows open up and go when something closes. People speak to her because she is not threatening to look at. They speak to her because she listens and should it involve her gaining something on the side, she will speak for them. To her, others are a stepping stone to true ambition. You cannot properly do a study on yourself without feeling biased. She has tried and each person reacts differently.

Huntington is not a pacifist. She hides in the shadows because she believes more can be gained by listening, and she does not draw her hand often. She waits and listens. If she makes a move she will do it with careful planning that has benefits in the future. She will usually move through others as she prefers to keep her hands free of any incrimination. While she has no interest in the company of any pack, she is not above working with either one for her own benefit. As long as she can continue her work in private, she is not that picky.
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due to her condescending nature and borderline sociopathy, Huntington is rated MATURE. she does not reflect what I personally think of you and your character(s). I am only staying true to her, and if you cannot get along with her (or think you won't) do not RP with her.
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