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Full Name: MOZZ (zoa also)
Subspecies: cowboy
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (June 6, 2001)
Birthplace: The us yeehaw
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toasted brown and very cheesy
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Hi I’m Zoa! I’m 17, I dance and sing, I love cowboys and mozzarella sticks, and that’s that on that! I have three pets, two cats Mimi and Xanadu (xan) and a dog Donnel. Favorite color yellow hands down. Favorite movies include: moulin rouge, baby driver, studio ghibli movies, Moana, and any cheesy horror movie that starts with a group of teenagers having a good time and ends in catastrophe! I role play but don’t read that many books, the last book book I read was last year and it was third grade level haha, I love watching tv, I enjoy making short films with my friends and I play games! Favorite games include harvest moon, rime, fire emblem, Skyrim, and of course Pokémon! My favorite Pokémon is Raichu do not fight me he’s dope asf. I’m friendly, so hmu, below I’ll list my character info!
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*these characters get my full attention and will be prioritized thread wise, look for replies within 48 hours if not sooner.

ENFJ - The Protagonist | | Neutral Good
Threads: Open!

ESFP - The Entertainer | | Chaotic Good
Threads: Open!

*these characters are secondary, possibly temporary or maybe just on the back burner at the moment, look for replies around 72 hours if not sooner.

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- IC character opinions have nothing to do with my OOC opinions of you or your characters! I don’t dislike anyone, remember that please ❤️
- I will archive a thread that has gone 14 days without a reply, if you want one revived let me know and we can get it started up again!
- My characters use profanity, and I do not mind violence however I prefer not to role play overtly sexual content; I don’t mind a little but I will ask for a fade to black for most things!
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Player Information: a cowboy in disguise
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DISCORD: zoa#6850

I ALSO DO FREE MANIPS! Want a avatar or just a photo manip, just ask I’ll do! I love trades as well so please just ask and we can work something out!