Profile of Zafina: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Zafina Sahira ◆"The Awakened"◆
Subspecies: Yukon/Arabian mix
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (3 years)
Birthplace: Unknown Regions
Alignment: Sinful
At A Glance
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Profile of Zafina: Details
Lithe, a ballerina of shadows. Cherrywood elm highlights the undersides a startling pair of garnet irises. Hints of cold wood run a river of petrified timber over the base of her nape, ribbon lightly over her bosom, and finish the flat of her belly. A slight crack of darker cream crests her breastbone. Her fur is wispy, and dances enthrallingly whenever a breeze comes to court her.

She is a small woman, graceful in her gait, and so near the ground she near floats if ever forced to run.

Ethereal. Graceful. Undeniable. Confident. Defiant.
"I know what generations before you, have lusted for...",she murmured to him with something ancient in her eye.
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Pack History
Slightly related to Slade Xandir and Aunt of Siqsa Ntima.

The last remaining wolf of The Nightmare's legacy.
Profile of Zafina: Additional Information
Has a habit of associating others that she finds interesting with other Celestials/Ancients, spacey beings she swears up and down she is before she got 'punished for her craft, and forced to live a mortal life eternally'.

If we thread and I start, I WILL ask if she can know things beforehand of your char so she can seem 'mystically' or w/e. If this is godmodding/powerplaying or something, lmk pls kthnxbyeh

Speaks The Nightmare's traditional Tsis language. Just hover over the burgundy stuff, mhmnkay? mhmnkay.

Anybody wanna sib with me~? do eett
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