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Basic Info
Full Name: ??? “Radar” ???
Subspecies: Wolfdog (High content)
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (February 12, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside of teekon
At A Glance
A suspicious character who keeps her distance from others.
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Profile of Radar: Details
A grey furred female with golden honey eyes. She is 60-70% wolf the rest is a mix between German Shepard etc. Radar is quick on her paws.
Positive traits
Quick thinking
Loyal to a fault

Negative Traits
Timid when first met
Innocently naive
The young female has a past that she never wants to be revealed. It was as if she was all alone, just for being born she was cast out of her pack by her father. Her own mother not doing anything to stop it when it was her wrongdoing in the first place. Radar scorned them both, she hated them but yet she missed them at the same time. The conflicted she-wolf travelled into lands unknown to her, not knowing really what to do at that moment. She was in a strange land with unknown wolves. Would they accept her or be like her supposed friends and family who treated her like an outcast.

Radar was born along with her siblings Cynder and Renegade however it was revealed later that Radar was not her mother’s mates pup. After her mother mated with her “father” she mated with and unknown male resulting in her and her siblings.
Pack History
Mother- Unknown
Father- Unknown

Littermates- Cynder, Renegade,

Current crush- none

All her siblings are up for adoption as well as her parents and other family message me for more information.
Lone wolf (April 25, 2019-???)
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