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Basic Info
Full Name: Akuji "Vengeance" Sahira
Subspecies: Timber mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (May 3, 2018)
Birthplace: Messiah's Deprive
Alignment: Sinbound
At A Glance
Akuji looks at you with anger in her eyes. "Stay back, you foul hellhound." Her words are nippy and cold. Her hackles are raised and she growls at you as a snake would warn a predator. The girl seems to hate you with all of her dark and black body. Her eyes bore into your soul.
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[Image: B2386-E22-6-CED-441-B-B5-E6-977-FFB63-CBE7.png]
A soft blanket of black fur with yellow eyes that would melt through you had they not always looked like they wanted to eat your face. Her body is about as in the middle as you can get with slim and muscular. She is pretty unscarred for being a lone wolf a majority of her life and would rather keep it that way. She carries herself like she's always on the eye for another thing to attack. Her eyes are shifty and you should be wary of getting caught in her sharp teeth.
[Image: logo-anim.gif?6]Mouth of a serpent, bite of a god[Image: logo-anim.gif?6]

[Image: 101707.png] Impatient

[Image: 101707.png] Stubborn

[Image: 101707.png] Protective

[Image: 101707.png] Malicious
Sometimes ---“She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance.”
Pack History
Crush - Priest (Cousin)
Mate -
Pups -

Namira Sahira♀ — A strange man♂
Novae Sahira♀ · Gryffin Sahira♀

Maternal aunts: Zafina Sahira♀, Dibella Sahira♀
Cousins (Dibella): Priest Sahira♂ · Hum Sahira♀ · Vehem Sahira♂
[Image: lone-wolf.png]
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