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Full Name: Heavenly
Subspecies: mackenzie & arctic
Sex: Female
Age: 2.11 (6/20/17)
Birthplace: far away
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Heavenly is currently away. Reason: COVID-19 POSITIVE: shorter replies, might be slower.
Away Since: June 23, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

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something                 here
        perfect mix of mom and dad. white, much like her dad's fur, paints her forelimbs and chest. extending along her neck before gliding down her back, engulfing her tail. a rich brown, similar to her mom's, coats her head like a hood. breaking off, like a border collie. touching her hips and hindlegs. the final touch is a distinct heart-like marking on the top of her tail tip. runt, smallest of her siblings with a lithe build. pale cotton candy pink eyes.

please note, though heavenly is lithe in build, she is very fluffy. so fluffy that she almost appears fat!
runt sister to anaïs and valentine.
unknown cousin to cupid
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