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Full Name: Akida Osei
Subspecies: Hey yeah wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (May, 2013)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
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Black wolf of average size with gray throughout his fur starting from his head to his back ending at the tip of his tail
Regal, kind, and stubborn rest tbd IC
After his parents died in a hunt he became alpha of his pack due to his older brother not being mentally fit to take over. After a while he and his advisers figured it was time to settle down as well as produce an heir due to him getting older. That's when he met Atiena’s parents and they approached him with an idea of him marrying their daughter. He then agreed and they set up a meet however the female knew that if she married into his pack she would not solely rule the pack therefore she rejected him and eventually murdered her father and took rule of her birth pack.

However the two met again during Atienas heat and they mated ultimately resulting in pups later. He had heard rumors of the females act and watched her closely as he could after learning she was with pups. When she abandoned the pups Atiena had no idea he watched the entire thing unfold and when Atiena left he made plans to take both the pups but Atiena’s sister Muuguzi took the male pup (Khali) before he could get him, he in turn took the female(Aliac but at that time her name was Asatira) and gave her to a trusted female to nurse her. Disaster struck and everyone in both packs scattered leaving aliac with the wolf she believed to be her mother. But that was only short term as the female died due to a bear attack leaving aliac alone. Which ultimately led her to teekon shortly after arriving she got caught in a blizzard and lost her memory as she woke up she was nursed back to health by an unknown male to her which was her father Akida and he gave her the name Aliac and sent her towards a pack in hopes of her having a better life.
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased

Siblings: Akio

Offspring: Khali and Asatira (aliac)

Grandchildren: Valiant, Aeryn, Minnow (Through Aliac and Sunny)
Lana, Ziggy, and Cam (Through Khali and Lily)
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