Profile of Ariston: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Ariston Xene
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (April 2011)
Birthplace: Western Canada
At A Glance
Lightly colored (creams/whites) | Golden eyes | Large size | No deformities/scars | Young adult age
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Profile of Ariston: Details
Tufts of beige and cream defile what would otherwise be a wildly unkempt pelt of silvery white. The length of his pelage is longer than on typical wolves of his species and thus he has a more untamed look. His face is often lit with mischief but his eyes - which are a commonplace gold - are soft and kind. [Current Dimensions: 33" height x 5'7" length; 135 lbs. range]
Ariston's overall nature is that of a free spirit. He has a boyish sort of charm that often lends itself to youthful arrogance; he has not yet seen much evil in the world and acts accordingly. His impatient nature is balanced by an honest sweetness - there is little he won't do to please his companions and as such he possesses a solid work ethic. Ariston is basically a normal young adult who is looking to prove himself in the wide open world.
Born to two first time parents who lived ordinary lives Ariston's upbringing was nothing short of traditional. Gallivanting around with only sisters to call his littermates he grew up soft hearted and easy going; he was not often competitive with his siblings. After reaching adolescence he, like many lads his age, simply decided on his own that there was a world out there that needed seeing. After a friendly send off and the promise to someday see them again Ariston set off on his own for the first time ever...his cheerful eyes set on the adventures that lay ahead of him.<p>
<b>April 2011</b> - Born alongside Elene, Anna, and Chara<br>
<b>October 2011</b> - Participated in his first hunt (failed)<br>
<b>March 2013</b> - He begins his first adventure away from home. He meets Koontz and they wander together<br>
<b>June 2013</b> - He and Koontz find themselves in Teekon Wilds<br>
<b>July 2013</b> - Ax and Koontz lay claim to Blacktail Deer Plateau and start a pack called DragonWatchers<br>
<b>September 2013</b> - Stress drives Ariston to bad health and he returns to his birth home<br>
<b>December 2013</b> - He returned to BDP only to find Koontz and the DragonWatchers are gone. He joins the new BDP pack.<br>

Offspring of Silas and Zoe Xene and littermate to Elene , Anna, and Chara.
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