Profile of Sibyl: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Sibyl Weir-Loch
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old (February 4, 2017)
Birthplace: Aeoch Tundra
At a Glance
A tall, slim, pure white wolf, with methodically placed facial scars around her eyes and forehead. Two very light silver eyes, which might appear white under moonlight. Moves with a quiet, graceful eeriness.
Profile of Sibyl: Details

General Physique

A drift of untouched snow, tall and whispy. Constantly underweight, which shows a great deal with her towering height, but her naturally plush coat helps to hide some of her sharp angles. As soft and luminescent as she may appear, there is no denying the presence of a silent, dekeing danger about her, lurking like a hidden dagger.

She has mercurial eyes, which fade to white under the light of the moon.
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"We Breathed the Dark, Shaking Stars"
Yer Fall

Distinctive Markings

Sibyl's face has been marked in the way of the Weir-Loch traditional way, having received cuts which would turn into scars, extending the corners of her eyes outward about half an inch toward her nose and an inch out toward her ears, and another scar, roughly two inches in length, on her forehead, as though to symbolize a third eye.

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Quiet, aloof and distant, Sibyl mainly keeps to herself unless she is called upon, or if on a whim she feels intrigued enough by another wolf to treat them to her company. When in a relaxed state, Sibyl is quite polite, well-spoken, and even has a noticeable sense of humour. She will slyly but politely side-step parting with information on her previous lives, but will not perhaps one of the most important aspects about her being-

Sibyl is a witch.

And when possessed by, or in the presence of what she feels are supernatural beings, she will utter prophecies, curses, and blessings as she sees fit.
Sibyl would have had an extraordinary upbringing; but it is not something she was use as a tale to regale ordinary listeners...Only her chosen successor will glean that information from her.

Presently, she offers- usually in some sort of exchange- some fortune-telling, small charms, and some small curses. She may, if the time is right, possess the powers to become a medium, but this isn't something she advertises often as she finds it terribly exhausting. If her forecasts or spells are questioned, she falls back on the reliable excuse of "Powers working in mysterious ways," and often simply allows for more time for things to fall into place.
Profile of Sibyl: Additional Information
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NOTE: Your character is welcome to interpret and use Sibyl's prophecies, curses and blessings as -you- see fit. Simply because she believes in her supernatural abilities does not make them real. You are welcome, however, to draw from her prophecies/curses/blessings as you will, though it is important to note that any direct correlation between something Sibyl says, and something that happens to your character, is purely coincidence.
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