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Played By: Keg
Basic Info
Full Name: Selamuit Nanurjuk Ateneq
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (05-12-2020)
Birthplace: Stone Circle (Easthollow)
Profile of Selamuit: Details

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a boy shroud mostly in white

eyes, a silvery pale blue

wide and clear

his back stained a steely grey

a line of four marks running along his cheek

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original: jaclyn, edited personally


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Caotic Neutral

...just a little bean right now...

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the north runs strong in this boys viens. his father born and raised in the harsh climate of the arctic tundra selamuit is very closely connected to his northern heritage. his father instilled in him the heart of a survivor and a warrior, who would protect his family at any cost. selamuit speaks fluent inuttuk, the only language his father will speak to him.

before his father ventured south, he and his siblings were run out of their natal pack by their father. a cruel and bitter man, sela’s grandfather cursed his eldest children for their disloyalty. despite the anguish it caused him siarut was determined to make a home for himself and other northerners in the teekon wilds. a venture he succeeded at by creating his own pack, which was unfortunately short lived. after months of separation selamuit’s parents were able to find one another and finally settle in the peaceful territory of easthollow.

but northern royalty runs through his veins. only time will tell if selamuit will follow in his father’s pawprints and claim his own territory or remain with his maternal family of easthollow...

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· family ·
parents: siarut ateneq & nanook apaata
· littermates: kallik , taktuq , ikiaq

{in game only} |missing, dead
· pack affiliation ·

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· · child · ·
birth {may 12, 2020} - present

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{0/5} | {0/5}

· availability ·
spree(s): closed
thread(s): open

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· grandparents:
maternal - kove

· aunts & uncles:
paternal - takiyok , sadiq
maternal - xan , valette

· cousines:
paternal - aningan , stag , simmik
maternal - clay , leta , newt , west tyree , merrit , arlette
previous ranks
· none ·
previous packs
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