Profile of Gawain: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Gawain
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year (6/01/19)
Birthplace: Pacific Coastal Canada
At A Glance
A large, masked figure of fur and a set of gleaming vermilion eyes.

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Profile of Gawain: Details
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>Very tall, heavily toned muscles and long legs. Noticeably large.
> Plush, smokey grey coat; clearly mottled upon their back when viewed up close. White face and white back left leg.
>Vermilion eyes, piercing and clear.
>Several scars as a result of sparring throughout their youth, but most are hidden in their thick fur.
>They possess the body of a warrior, but maintain the mien of guardian.
>Tender pink nose and paw-pads.
>A few puppy features still show through in his youth
Gawain is a young wolf with an old soul; he has experienced much unnecessary violence and corrupt hierarchical jurisdiction within his short lifetime, which has caused him to mature at a rapid rate. Gawain is dedicated to his family, or rather specifically, his sister, Mauri.Although he was raised in a culture of violence and highly praised for his combat abilities and discipline, the young wolf actually mainly follows pacifist morals, only growing violent in the name of defense for his family.

Gawain is generally a more reserved wolf, he tends to keep to himself and is a bit wary of strangers, leaving most of the talking to his peers. This is not to say that Gawain isn’t affectionate, as he deeply values the bonds between him and those he trusts. He tends to be very tactile with friends/family because he has been rather deprived of non-violent touch. After a tense encounter, Gawain often seeks closeness to Mauri or other family/friends in order to ground himself. Despite his quiet nature and soft interior, Gawain is inclined to be quietly sarcastic and even a bit stand-offish with newcomers. He also has a tendency to be dismissive, and is rather stubbornly set in his ways, his sister being one of the few who can make him cave. He is also a skeptic, and usually doesn’t hand out his trust or belief unless he feels as though it is earned.

Gawain’s upbringing did not allow him exposure to anything other than traditional social dynamics, however he is very fluid in his gender expression. Although he may not have the words to express it, and perhaps doesn’t even know the possibility being anything but the cis male he was raised as, Gawain is non-binary, and his pronouns may be subject to change in the future.
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Parents: ??? & ???
Siblings:Mauri, several others
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