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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Druth
Subspecies: Timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 years (November 29th, 2013)
Birthplace: Texas, USA
At A Glance
Older dude, rugged and travel-worn. Deep Southern baritone, and rarely smiles.
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Profile of Druth: Details
Having carried a pelage of deep obsidian in his prime, age shows clearly in Druth's washed out hues. Now primary a dull charcoal, his face and lower body appear heavily littered in pale hairs which gives him a salt-and-pepper appearance. His most notable features are his greying muzzle and empty hazel eyes.

Despite his years, Druth maintains a tall and powerful physique. He is broad-chested and solidly built.

[Image: ScaredColorfulAfricanfisheagle-size_restricted.gif]
Loosely based on Joel Miller (The Last of Us).
As cynical as they come.
Former mate: ???
Offspring: Adi
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