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Full Name: Shepherd Kingsley
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (July 6, 2016)
Birthplace: Unknown 鈥 Outside of the Teekon Wilds
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A behemoth of a man, his tawny fur has tinges of rust slithered into it. A dark brown mask with splotchy markings along his forehead and cheeks.
His neck cuts off into onyx guard hairs peppered with the same coffee brown the majority of his body is colored with. The black hairs along strong shoulders thin into a narrow stripe that trails down his spine and ends at the base of his tail. Some of his face, neck, and stomach house a much lighter tan than the rest of his body.
His fur is slightly shorter on the majority of his body except for his tail, ankles, neck, and hindquarters.
Black-brown stockings creep up all four muscled limbs and they鈥檙e connected to massive, bear-like paws.
The rest of his body is heavy with dense muscle. Giving him a towering, barrel-chested appearance.

Visible Scars:
(In the Teekon Wilds)

None yet.


Shepherd is healthy!

Fair mental health!
To be determined!

Alignment | Lawful Good
He was raised by humans since he was a pup. His mother and father were killed by hunters when he was only six weeks old, death knocked on his door as well. Until a Native American tribe found him and taught him their way of life. Educating him in hunting everything from bison to rabbits, to honing his teeth and body as a weapon against evil. He became so smart they almost feared him, assuming him to be a skinwalker or another type of ethereal being.
He鈥檚 popular amongst the Natives, doing tasks here and there and devoting his entire life to these humans. Protecting the people and their livestock, keeping a watchful eye on the children, and hunting for them.
Though one day as he comes back to his people everything is gone. Their homes, livestock, children, everything. There weren鈥檛 even signs that there had been people living there. Ultimately confused, the eerie disappearance of the people he devoted his lively hood to has him wandering in search of their whereabouts. Having found himself in the Teekon Wilds, he continues on, never to forget the mystery disappearance of the ones he loved and protected.
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"Sunset in the ethereal waves:
I cannot tell if the day is ending, or the world,
or if the secret of secrets is inside me again."
- Joeseph Addison
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