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Full Name: Absence
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1yr 8mo (12/25/2018)
Birthplace: Hudson Bay, Canada
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Layers of thick, dense fur engulf her frame. Her jet-black hair is somewhat tangled, untidy but as clean as the mountain air. Absence is a tiny wolf, with narrow skinny legs like toothpicks. A singular patch of white hair is doted in the center of her chest, along with thin silver fur that whisks out of her slender ears. Her tail is too long, just about sweeping the earthly floor whenever she moves. Because she is more of a scavenger, Absence has the potential for study, agile legs as well as acute hearing for danger, in the coming years as she ages. The canine sports two golden honey-like eyes, often said shy, but with an inviting glint.
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